Here at La Parfumerie we use 100% post consumer recycled paper and card stock. We pack your shipments with used packing materials. We recycle and compost locally. Essential oils are distilled from pure fragrant extracts of plants, flowers and trees. In their natural form, they can be unpredictable and potent. Nothing Perfume starts with these pure oils and combines them with other natural ingredients in a true alchemy that creates gentle perfume oils with exquisite fragrances.



We believe in cruelty free!

All of our products and perfumes contain no alcohol nor are they tested on animals. We use only the highest quality perfume oils and essential oils. By purchasing products from cruelty-free companies, you’ll be helping to end cruel testing on animals.



All of our products are designed and produced locally as well as by the members of this women’s cooperative who live in a Mayan village on the Yucatan peninsula. Yucape is a community economic development project aimed at addressing the consequences of freer trade on resource-based communities and small businesses.  In partnership with the coop and the Yucape project, we are working towards prosperity for small business within North America.