Hitchhiker, mathematician, social worker, educator, dreamer, perfumer.  Michael fell in love with the art of perfumery after hitchhiking in 1989 to the West Coast.  There, he met some folks who were using essential oils to increase spiritual self understanding and to develop bardo skills.  The first time he tried a little bit of frankincense on his wrists he experienced dramatic perceptual changes.  Sometime soon afterward, Michael decided to become a perfumer, but in a completely non-conventional manner.  As the reality of this immense decision began to sink in, he had one of those huge belly laughs that only happen when everything is perfect. Michael has his own wheels now, but prefers cross-country skiing or canoeing in Canada’s remote wilderness.


Nahla is one of Brittany's dearest friends, so lucky for us she came to join the family. She is an intuitive creator at heart, a weaver of words, crafter of melodies, dancer in the dusk and a painter from the eyes of love. Nahla spends all of her free time creating and aspiring to inspire as many souls to do the same. She has been with us since October 2020 and has continued to bring her magik to La Parfumerie everyday since. She has taken the torch with honour and pride in managing the shop, production, glass blowing and is now offering her services in custom blending! Outside of La Parfumerie Nahla performs live acoustic music at festivals & events around Winnipeg. She also runs her own business Nahla Moon Art, sharing her creations to heal through her love of nature, mysticism & the universe. To see more of what Nahla creates and offers, check out her Instagram accounts below!


Brittany came to us following her heart. Oh and what a heart! She is the sweetest human being we have ever met and inspires us to be our best selves. Lucky for us, this luminous free spirit has returned to Winnipeg and now is the glue that holds us together. Brittany has been with us since 2013. She is a natural born light worker, glass-blower, a licensed Esthetician and offers aromatherapy massage, reiki, and natural skin care. Brittany always carries La Parfumerie's magic with her: a small vial of Shiva resting on her heart.  Brittany is a sustainability activist and volunteers with community & music festival clean ups all over the world. She aspires to bring healing and serenity into peoples lives. To see more of what Brittany offers check out her website!


Jake has worked with us since since 2002, saving Michael’s ass more times than anyone can count. She creates perfumes that inspire the entire pantheon of gods and goddesses. Jake also teaches Yoga and is now a mental health nurse yet continues to be dedicated to our cause beyond reason. She is the brains behind our online custom blending of perfume service!


Harmony Light has been a presence at La Parfumerie since she was a toddler, with a demand to be hired at the age of 3! She has an art fueled soul, loves a good read and is a frequent nature gazer. She is the heart and soul of La Parfumerie and lights this place up with her smile. She is now the Goddess of production, shipping and retail. Her favorite perfume is Rain as she loves getting caught within the essence of Mother Natures stormy eye.


 Lindsay came to us as a gift from the Heavens! Lindsay has worked as a Registered Massage Therapist since 2009 after graduating from Wellington College in Winnipeg, Canada. She has been with us since June, 2016 offering massage and reiki healing. Lindsay is also a certified yoga and meditation instructor. She spoils us here at La Parfumerie with her gourmet home-made soups and other goodies. Lindsay is the mother of a little dog named Josephine Waffles. She enjoys hiking and spending time at the lake. Lindsay's presence is as down to earth and genuine as they come! We couldn't imagine this place without her. To learn more about Lindsay, please visit her website: