Enlightenment Guaranteed!
A thousand lifetimes of karma – dissolved – right here, right now.
This very fresh perfume is guaranteed to enlighten you before and after, the beginning and the end of time and/or timelessness, immortality, eternity and all that jazz.
This very fresh perfume, an invigorating bouquet of citrus notes with hints of vetivert, sandalwood and ginger will enlighten you long before and after timelessness gets started.
Notice yourself standing on the razors edge between ecstasy and bliss, sorrow and joy, life and death, love and voidness … then dab a drop or two of this exquisitely perfect elixir onto a few of your pulse points. If you’re in the mood, try chanting the formerly secret mantra “i am” (OM), then notice your former self, falling gently away – like a leaf from a tree. Awakening has never been so easy! Just remember – enlightenment isn’t a noun, it’s a verb, a choice, a job unlike no other.
Enlightenment Guaranteed! Remember yourself, Absolutely everything will be refunded to you if you don’t wake up right now (you’ve actually always been awake) – before the beginning of forever – or shortly afterwards.
Enlightenment is profound knowledge of good and evil, distilled/tempered by excellent decision making.
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