Flower Bottle

Flower Bottle

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This bottle is handcrafted by members of a women's fair trade cooperative in Mexico. It features a combination of detailed ceramic work formed onto a sturdy glass bottle. Each and every bottle is a unique work of art. The bottle contains 1 dram of perfume, which is approximately equivalent to 1/6 of 1 ounce, or 3.7 ml. Because this perfume is pure, and undiluted with any water or alcohol, 1 dram lasts about 6 months.

Alcohol free, no preservatives, not tested on animals, no animal products.

$40 for most scents.
$50 for Beyond Sex, Levitation & Enlighten.
$60 for Shiva, AfterLife, Sandalwood & 5 Year Oak Aged Patchouli.
$100 for Telepathy & 10 Year Oak Aged Patchouli.

Apply to pulse point
Inhale deeply
Breathe Consciously