The source of Nothing Perfume 

We are artists running a small business based in Winnipeg, Canada.
We create NATURAL PERFUMES and beautiful handcrafted bottles and pendants for them to live in. As well, we produce a variety of scented natural body care products.

At our shop, La Parfumerie, here in Winnipeg, we specialize in the custom blending of natural perfumes.

Please, enjoy your time with us and don't be afraid
to contact us if you have any questions.


La Parfumerie was founded by Michael O’Malley in a tiny shop in Winnipeg in 1993. He specialized in the custom blending of natural perfumes.  Using only the highest quality perfume and essential oils, Michael drew from an ancient and rich tradition to create luxurious and lasting fragrances. These fragrances contain no alcohol or animal products, nor are they tested on animals.
 It turned out that there wasn’t anyone else in Winnipeg doing anything like this, and someone told the media.  In the first few months of business there were newspaper articles, radio and television appearances and even a few customers!  To pay the bills Michael continued his tutoring business after hours in the back of the shop.  So, the first wave of customers were math students, their families and reporters.  Many other locals came as well and there was generally a very positive buzz in Winnipeg about that place that makes those perfumes.  
After being in business for about a year Michael had a new idea - market some of his best perfumes in hand-made perfume pendants.  He sat down and played with a torch and some glass vials, eventually learning how to blow glass.  With a little help from friends and other local artists the first pendants were produced, packaged and displayed in the store window.  Within two weeks other local merchants were approaching Michael and asking if they could sell the pendants in their stores.
Since then, La Parfumerie has created personal scents for thousands of Winnipegers and visitors from around the world.  Our line of perfumes, known as Nothing Perfume, has expanded to include 23 perfumes available in hand-crafted pendants, bottles, candles and body mists, that are sold in over 400 stores throughout North America & Europe.  Our products are also available right here on this website.