Small inexpensive refill bottle or vial or sample bottle for natural perfume or essential oil perfume.

Small Simple Bottle

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This travel-friendly vial contains 0.625 dram or 2.3 ml of pure perfume. Most customers report 2 months' worth of daily application. A nub on bottom of cap dispenses a light application. Vial is tinted brown not green.

$12.5 for most blends.
$18.75 for Beyond Sex and Enlighten.
$22.5 for Shiva, Afterlife, Sandalwood and 5 year oak aged Patchouli.
$50 for Telepathy & 10 Year Oak Aged Patchouli.

Alcohol free, no preservatives, not tested on animals, no animal products. 

Apply to pulse point
Inhale deeply
Breathe Consciously