Custom Blends From Afar

Custom Blends From Afar

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A blending session is a work of art that involves two artists – the perfumer and you.

Traditionally, at our studio, we start with your natural scent - we now offer custom perfume blending from afar!  We do this by taking into account your preferences and suggestions, integrate it with our palate of over 200 perfume and essential oils
to create your signature scent.

The fee for the design, consultation and a 2.2 dram vial that is approximately one year supply of your perfume.  This is a value of $250.  With this purchase, we will send you a scent questionnaire that will apply when creating your signature scent. Be sure to answer all the questions honestly for best results.

Be sure to leave your email and contact information with us at the check out when purchasing this package.

This is perfect for yourself or a unique gift for a loved one.